Fairy tales do come true. Professional wedding consultants offer assistance to brides as they juggle the demands of their professional and personal lives. Those who are knowledgeable do best in this industry.

Before investing hundreds of dollars testing to see what will work, discover the major how-to do’s of a wedding consulting practice from Master Bridal Consultant with over 20 years in the industry, Lois Pearce.

From this course you will learn: the ways you may work with a bride, practical business applications, what you will need to set up an office, how to market your service to brides and through vendors, the various ways to price your service and offer contracts, and resources to support your business after the course.

The unique format of online learning provides you with the opportunity to share with other students from the comfort of your computer wherever you are. You may choose the full curriculum or the session of your interest. An outline and sheets for note-taking will be provided before each class, the training manual is available for purchase, and the opportunity for personal mentoring afterwards is available.

Session I
The Wedding Consultant – Defined
The Business Plan
Types of Ownership

In this session discover the various descriptions of a wedding consultant. You will understand the terms in the way they are expressed to a bride and how they determine if the category of “wedding consultant” is filled, even though it may not. We will discuss: the elements of a business plan; why to develop this road map to success; what to include in the business plan and an interactive opportunity to show how it is easier to start than most think. We will look at the various legal ways of ownership so you may choose appropriately for your business.

Session II
Getting Started
Setting Up Your Practice
Contracts and Fees
Business Expenses

How to select your office tools, and how to utilize them for efficiency. Discover ways of fine tuning your professional image and personal presentation. How you can improve the relationship with your vendors to exchange better referrals. Establishing your fees and developing a contract so you will be paid for your service. An overview of your business expenses.

Session III
Getting the Business
Image, Networking
The Bride - Initial Contact
Time Management

Where do you go to get business and what are the most time and cost efficient ways to do so? W will define the difference between marketing and advertising to promote business momentum. We will discuss how to conduct an initial conversation with the bride and then what to say and do afterward. Ways of managing and leveraging your time for business success and avoiding burnout.

Session IV
Elements of Wedding Consulting
Working with Different Types of Brides

Working with brides is unlike other businesses. You are emotionally and physicially involved in a life passage event. We will discuss the services you may offer, what service may be expected. Understand the bride’s expectation of the fulfillment of your services before the wedding, on the wedding day and afterwards. The various personality types of brides will be discussed so you may develop your service to fill their needs.

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